Molisani chooses bidet seats for your comfort

At Molisani, we want your stay to be comfortable. That’s why we try to choose the best products and offer the best services, and listen to our customers’ feedback. When many of our customers asked for telephone service to book tours and call other lines in Italy, we responded by providing a telephone in each bedroom with free calling. When our customers were opting out of our breakfast, we decided to lower accommodation price and make breakfast an optional add-on service. When our customers asked for luggage storage services on their check-out date, we responded by providing a secure room where customers can store their luggage. It is of utmost importance to us that your stay at Molisani is comfortable, and to do that we encourage you to let us know how we can improve our service to you!

Most recently, we upgraded our bathrooms and installed new massage showers and bidet toilets in all our rooms. The showers are all equipped with glass doors and have 5 massage jets each, able to give you a full body massage. You can adjust the water pressure as you wish. We recommend trying it after you take a long hike! All the showers have a bench so it will be comfortable to use for children and seniors alike. Next to the showers are brand-new Toto bidet seats. We picked Toto because the bidet seat reviews say it’s the most comfortable toilet bidet seat. It has many cleaning options, a heated seat, and warm water. What’s more impressive is if you go to use the toilet at night, it has a night light which will turn on automatically so you don’t have to turn on the bright bathroom light. For those cold winter nights, using the toilet will be comfortable with a heated toilet seat. And after you use the toilet you can freshen up by using the bidet spray. If you’re as excited about it as we are and want to look at it before you come to Molisani, you can read more Toto bidet seat reviews from the Japanese bidet information site.

The shower rooms also have brand-new windows. We replaced them to give the bathrooms extra light during the day, so it will feel more airy when you go use the bathroom and less damp. Windows can be opened in two ways, so you can adjust it to let more or less fresh air in.

Our rooms for the summer are quickly filling up, so if you would like to try our new showers and toilets, make sure you book your rooms as soon as possible! You can check availability through our site and book by calling us or using the form on our site. We hope to see you soon at Bed & Breakfast Molisani.

Yours truly,

The Molisani team

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